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    Aimed at providing information on Czech research and technology development. Includes an events calendar, news, reports, resources directory, and a discussion forum.

  • Nicodom FTIR Spectra Libraries  updated
    FTIR Spectra Database of over 140.000 infrared spectra. FTIR Spectra Libraries in all digital formats Infrared Spectra Polymers, Fibers IR Spectra Pharmaceuticals, Drugs FTIR Spectra Chemicals IR Spectra Forensic / Hazardous package Infrared Spectra Suspect powders, Explosives Special FTIR Spectra Libraries: Kidney Stones, Food Additives, Semiconductor Chemicals, Biochemicals, Cosmetic Ingredients, Dyes, Pigments, Stains… Raman Spectral Libraries NIR Spectra Libraries Aldrich-Ichem FTIR – ATR spectral library Hummel Polymer Infrared Spectral Libraries ST Japan FTIR Spectral Libraries SBDS IR Spectral Libraries NICODOM FTIR spectra Libraries: Samples were selected and infrared spectra collected 2006-2007 (many new substances)


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The split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 also created the independent country called Slovak Republic. The source of information and news about Slovak republic can be found on

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